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Why D2Type

  • A Virtual platform to take care of your blood glucose

  • D2Type prevents, delays, and reverses Type 2 Diabetes, the costliest chronic disease


Why health plan industries and employers choose D2Type

D2Type, your partner to transform your healthcare experience, make lifelong better health & lessen care costs for organizations

1. For Members


  • Modest changes with big health impact

  •  Long-term behavior transformation, not short-term results

  • Sustainable proper glucose management

  • Real-time connection to health coaches

2. For Employers and Health Plan


  • Reduce employee absenteeism 

  • Increase employee productivity 

  • Reduce company health insurance costs

  • Return on Investment (ROI) in short term


3. For The Healthcare System


  • Reduce burden in a scalable model

  • Improve quality of life and life expectancy

  • Return on Investment (ROI) in short term

  • Use of AI to feasible, scale personalized, evidence-based and engaging healthcare services to achieve long-life health outcomes 

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