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How D2Type Works

Integrated lifestyle
modification program

"Deploying digital strength to make small changes resulting in significant health outputs"

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What members experience on their path

  1. Track food & drinks

  2. Keep moving

  3. Track personal life indexes

  4. Lifestyle coaches

  5. Bite lessons 

  6. Online peers

Our solution

Personalized Holistic Health
Well-being Program

Members' benefits

Benefits for members and customers

Members receive practical support and evidence-based services:

  • Modest 5-7 % weight loss cuts the risk of diabetes in half

  •  Empower members to manage their own health

  • Long-term behavior transformation

  • Sustainable glucose & HbA1c management

  • Trusted health coaches care, enhanced by technology

  • Social support from peer groups

  • Less medications needs

  • Reduced out of packet for treatment


Employers (customers) get financial benefits and enable to provide scalable health outcomes

  • Reduced employee absenteeism 

  • Increased employee productivity 

  • > $ 1000 Yearly medical cost savings per program member

  • Reduced company health insurance costs

  • Return on Investment (ROI) in short term

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