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For Individuals

"Prevent, Delay & Reverse Type 2 Diabetes"

    A comprehensive program to make even small lifestyle changes resulting big health impacts

With D2Type, healthy lifestyle transformation to manage diabetes are achievable

Our approach
  • Change mind, long-term output


D2Type empowers you create healthy lifelong habits with a tailored plan to take care on your blood glucose

  • Not focus only on calories 


Try new pathway, learn how can enjoy foods, socialize and have holiday while

maintaining a healthy lifestyle

  • Not alone with our timely support


Dedicated health coaches, social peer groups and  bite lessons support you stay on track and make the journey easier


Why D2Type Solution Works?

  • You are the Captain of your Health care team


The scientific evidence indicates that self-management is the cornerstone of preventing and reversing diabetes like other chronic diseases. Our tracking e-tools for food, exercise, and lifestyle indexes are designed to empower members to catch their goals and keep going through their lifetime

  • Comprehensive resources and support to adopt healthy behaviours


We equip members with the tools they need to succeed in their prevention/reversal marathon to long-term health. Our dedicated care team and structured education packages make it simple to understand how specific foods, lifestyle behaviours, and stress and anxiety affect blood sugar management

  • Combination of using data technology AI and health coaches


D2Type programs propose combining human health coaching with advanced real-world technology, including artificial intelligence, to address the day-to-day real-life needs critical to preventing and managing type 2 diabetes. This combination enables us to provide a practical, cost-effective, scalable solution for diabetes prevention and management for the entire population

Why D2Type

Diabetes Care

Diabetes Prevention

Diabetes Prevention
Diabetes Care

D2Type’s Diabetes Reversal Program supports members within an employer’s coverage to:

D2Type’s Diabetes Prevention Program helps employers and health plan providers as our partners:

  • Screen and enrol people with Type 2 Diabetes in their population

  • Gain better control of their diabetes and reverse it through tracking blood glucose measurement and lifestyle indexes 

  • Dedicated health coaching alongside with cutting-edge AI to deliver 24/7, real-time, compassionate care

  • Diabetes-specific digital bite lessons including diabetes nutrition contents and cognitive behavioral therapy. 

  • Recognize and enroll people with prediabetes in their population. 

  • Members start a yearlong program in which they will receive practical support and evidence- based services to have at least modest 5-7 % weight loss cutting the risk of diabetes in half. 

  • Empower members to implement health lifestyle trough a virtual connection with trusted health coaches, enhanced by AI technology in addition to social supports from peer groups.

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