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Who we serve

Address employee's needs to prevent and manage Diabetes while lowering costs

Employer's Success and Cost Effective Experience

Reasonable Engagement

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Easy Enrollment

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Effective ROI

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In D2Type, we are your partner through the whole path from prevention to reverse Type 2 Diabetes in your population.


Benefits for Employers & Health Plan Providers




  • Virtual-first care to address expensive diabetes management

  • > $ 1000 Yearly medical cost savings per program member

  • Reducing employee absenteeism 

  • Increasing employee productivity 

  • Reducing company health insurance costs

  • Better workplace satisfaction

Employers' benefits

Features of D2Type’s digital platform solutions

  • Dedicated health coaches

  • Social support from peer groups

  • Interactive Bite Lessons

  • Tracking Food Intake, and lifestyle indexes

By using Artificial Intelligence & Technology 

  • Develop and optimizes care delivery approaches to improve outcomes

  • Personalized lifestyle program 

  • Reporting and tracking progress and engagements

  • Condition-specific content and educational resources

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