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Who we serve?

Address employee's needs to prevent and manage Diabetes while lowering costs

Employer's Success and Cost Effective Experience

Easy Enrollment


Reasonable Engagement


Effective ROI


In D2Type, we are your partner through the whole path from prevention to reverse Type 2 Diabetes in your population.


Benefits for Employers & Health Plan Providers




  • Virtual-first care to address expensive diabetes management

  • > $ 1000 Yearly medical cost savings per program member

  • Reducing employee absenteeism 

  • Increasing employee productivity 

  • Reducing company health insurance costs

  • Better workplace satisfaction

Employers' benefits

Features of D2Type’s digital platform solutions

  • Dedicated health coaches

  • Social support from peer groups

  • Interactive Bite Lessons

  • Tracking Food Intake, and lifestyle indexes

By using Artificial Intelligence & Technology 

  • Develop and optimizes care delivery approaches to improve outcomes

  • Personalized lifestyle program 

  • Reporting and tracking progress and engagements

  • Condition-specific content and educational resources

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