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Effects of replacing diet beverages with water on weight loss

and maintenance 

A Madjd, MA Taylor, A Delavari,

R Malekzadeh, IA Macdonald

and HR Farshchi


  • Research Background:

The study explores the impact of replacing diet beverages with water on weight loss and its maintenance over 18 months. This research is particularly relevant for diabetic patients, as beverage choices can significantly influence weight management and metabolic health.


  • Study Details: 

The study involved 71 obese and overweight women who regularly consumed diet beverages. They were divided into two groups: one replaced diet beverages with water, and the other continued drinking diet beverages. Their weight loss was monitored over a 6-month period, followed by a 12-month weight maintenance phase.

  • Key Findings:

  1. Weight Loss Benefits: The group that replaced diet beverages with water experienced more significant weight loss compared to the diet beverage group, both during the weight loss and maintenance phases.

  2. Improved Insulin Sensitivity: The water group showed greater reductions in fasting insulin levels and improvements in insulin resistance markers, which are crucial for managing diabetes.

  3. No Significant Changes in Blood Sugar Levels: Both groups exhibited similar changes in fasting glucose levels, implying that replacing diet beverages with water did not negatively affect blood sugar control.

  • What Does This Mean for Diabetic Patients?

    • Healthier Beverage Choices: Switching from diet beverages to water can be beneficial for weight loss and weight maintenance, critical for diabetes management.

    • Enhanced Insulin Sensitivity: Improved insulin response with increased water consumption can help in better managing diabetes.

    • Balanced Blood Sugar Management: The study suggests that replacing diet beverages with water doesn't adversely affect blood sugar levels, making it a safe choice for diabetics.


  • Final Thoughts:  

For diabetic patients, understanding the impact of beverage choices on health is crucial. This study provides evidence that substituting diet beverages with water can aid in weight management and improve insulin sensitivity without disrupting blood sugar control. Such lifestyle changes, along with regular medical consultation, can be a strategic part of diabetes management.



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